RCSP-7 Flash Bracket

If you wish to buy the RCSP-7 Flash Bracket please email me at the email addresss below. I will send you a PayPal request for the $120.00 ($105 Bracket + $15 Shipping) that you can pay through PayPal. I will use the email address you provide to send you the request.


RCSP-7 Flash Bracket

Does Not Include Head

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RCSP-7 With Flash And Better Beamer On My Induro GHB2 Gimbal Head

When I first got back into wildlife photography some years ago, I quickly learned that shooting wildlife without a flash was sometimes impossible. There just wasn’t enough light and the birds looked lifeless with no sparkle in their eyes. I also quickly learned that a camera mounted flash gave me red eye with birds and animals rendering the photo unuseable. I looked everywhere for a flash bracket that would meet my needs and didn’t cost a fortune. I couldn’t find one. Being an engineer by trade, I finally decided to design my own. After tinkering around in my shop for several weeks, I designed what I thinlk is a great flash bracket. By attaching only to the gimbal head, it allows you the option of taking your camera off the head quickly too get those flight shots you just can’t seem to get with the camera on a tripod. The flash stays with the tripod.

The RCSP-7 Flash Bracket is designed for any full size gimbal head with a Swiss Arca style side plate that measures 1.5″-1.65″ (38-42mm), like the Induro GHB2 and many others. It does not work on Beike BK-45, which is also sold under other names and is a smaller version of the Induro or Wimberly gimbals. Smaller being the key word. The side plate is much narrower and the sled that holds the camera is too short. Even if you could mount the RCSP-7 on the side plate the sled would be to short to mount your camera and lens without hitting the bracket. The RCSP-7 adds about 3/4″ (19.02mm) to the side plate and you have to have that much space between your side plate and lens once the lens is mounted to the sled. The RCSP-7 is designed for full size gimbal heads. Please check these measurements before ordering. If you have any questions please send me an email.

The Arca Swiss mounting plate attaches to the side plate of the gimbal head quickly and easily. By adjustimg the position on the side plate the bracket has an adjustable range of about 2″ on the Induro GHB2. Other gimbal heads may vary depending on the length of the side plate. There is an additional 2″ of adjustment on the flash bracket itself. This gives up to 4″ of overall height adjustment, which will get your flash to around 16″ above the sled on your gimbal head. This measurement is to the top of the flash bracket. Add your flash to the bracket and you get several more inches depending on what flash you are using. I sell the flash bracket only these days because that is what most people want. If you want a ball head like I use you need to buy it separately. In the beginning I sold the heads as well but they kept going up in price and I didn’t want to keep raising my price so I decided to let my customers supply whatever head they want. If you add the head it gains you 2″-3″ of height. The head I recommend is the Manfrotto 492 Ball Head which is in the neighborhood of $60. You can use whatever you want that works. A tilt only head also works well if you only want to adjust the tilt and not have to worry about panning with a ball head.

The RCSP-7 can support an external microphone ( as seen in the picture above), cell phone or tablet and can also support an external monitor for your camera without putting it in your hot shoe. That way you can take your camera off the tripod for handheld shots by just unplugging the camera HDMI cable and flash cable. Your flash can either be a remote cable or wireless. However, don’t forget the weight and balance issue you’ll have with that much weight above your camera. You need to be very careful to tighten your drag a little more than normal to keep your camera and lens from falling forward or backward. The farther you tilt the head the more out of balance it gets. So be careful.

Notice: There is no way to achieve the same balance you have without the flash bracket. The flash bracket has to move with the head to keep the lens and flash pointing in the same direction. The higher you have the flash bracket above the camera the worse it will be. You need to be aware of this with any flash bracket and the RCSP-7 is no exception.

Warranty: RC Scott Photography warrants the RCSP-7 for 1 year from date of purchase. RC Scott Photography accepts no responsibility for any damage done if your camera and lens fall forward or backward due to an imbalance and will only repair, replace or refund the price of the RCSP-7 flash bracket. There is no exception to this policy. The USER accepts ALL responsibility. We guarantee you will be happy with the RCSP-7 or we will refund your money in the first 60 days you own the bracket. To return the bracket just send me an email and return the bracket in new condition within the first 60 days with a copy of your receipt and I will refund your money, except for shipping, through PayPal if that works for you.

Pricing: The cost of the RCSP-7 is $105. I recently had to raise the price $10 because of increased prices for the parts. I held on as long as I could but the prices kept going up. If they come back down I will go back to the original price. Thanks for your support.

Ordering: To order your RCSP-7 just follow the instructions at the top of the page and I will be happy to build you a bracket. You can use your PayPal account or credit card. I charge $15 for shipping anywhere in the continental United States. For Hawaii and Alaska please send an email to dscott@rcscottphotography.com and I will send you the shipping cost. Please include your address. I will sell to certain countries but normally the shipping is so high the customer changes their mind when I give them the cost. If you want a bracket I will happily send you the cost if you will send me an email. Again, please include your address. I have sold the bracket as far away as New Zealand. There is no refund for the bracket if it is sold out of the United States except for failure because of workmanship. Once it ships, it’s yours even if it doesn’t arrive so it would be wise to insure it. That way you can get a refund if you need to.

Thanks for considering the RCSP-7 as your flash bracket of choice and I look forward to building one for you.

Dick Scott